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Ribbed fingerless gloves

Well I said a little while ago that I thought I would be making another project soon from ‘Crochet One Skein Wonders’ and here it is:


It is a very simple but effective pattern, using just double crochet and front post treble crochet. I made it in New Lanark DK ‘Damson’ on a 4,5mm hook. The yarn is reduced just now (see here) and I used less than a ball for the two gloves.

Thumbs up

My daughter has asked me for some fingerless gloves long enough to wear with a 3/4 sleeved jacket. You might remember that I made her some gloves some time ago (see here), which met with her approval.


I had some of the yarn left, so embarked on a pair of simple gloves in half trebles, crocheted from the fingers up so I could make them as long as she needed.


I have never used a pattern for making gloves so am not sure whether fingers up or wrist down is the normal way. I know the Snail of Happiness makes hers from the wrist down. Which do you do? Is there a reason for doing one rather than the other??

Made in New Lanark double knitting yarn (90% wool, 10% silk) in Damson on a 4.5mm hook.

A labour of love

I have finally finished a pair of fingerless gloves in a herringbone treble stitch.


They started off as an Easter project and 6 months later I was still grappling with how to add in the thumbs. A trip to Kiki’s sorted that out – thank you Kiera! (kikiscraftcorner.co.uk), and finally I worked up enough confidence to finish them. Made in New Lanark double knitting wool (newlanarkshop.co.uk) in Damson on a 4mm hook. The main stitch is herringbone treble, with the shaping for the thumbs done in herringbone half treble. The rib effect at the top is produced by doing a treble stitch into alternating front and back posts of the stitch below.
They are for my daughter who I know will appreciate my efforts!