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More scrappy scarves

My second go at making some scarves from scrap yarn.

These ones are made in: Rowan wool cotton bronze (967) and Oxblood (989) with King Cole Drifter Montana (3039).

Drops cotton merino navy (08) and Rowan wool cotton French navy (909) with King Cole Drifter Utah (1358);

Rowan wool cotton Grand (954) and Bilberry (969) with Drops merino extra fine Amethyst (36) and Stylecraft batik elements Galium (1939)

The top one has a definite Hogwarts feel to me!

All are made on a 4.5mm hook in double crochet and are 30 stitches wide. They use 100g of wool-cotton and about 85g of variegated yarn.


Scrappy scarves

One of the things that I really enjoy doing is putting different colours together, and what better opportunity could there be for that than making some scarves from left-over yarn?

I have used different variegated yarns as a way of bringing the scrap colours together. The scarves are made in UK double crochet, and are 30 stitches (18cm) wide and roughly 130cm long. They used 100g of wool-cotton dk and about 70g of variegated yarn each.

My colour combinations so far are: Rowan wool cotton Coffee (956) with King Cole Drifter Kentucky (1356); Rowan wool cotton Rich (911) with Stylecraft Batik elements Magnesium (1940) and Rowan wool cotton Gypsy, Grand and Frozen (910, 954 and 977) with King Cole Drifter Kansas (1373) – that one had a lot of ends to sew in!

When pink or blue won’t do

I had a commission recently to make a baby blanket that was ‘not in baby colours’ and what fun I had completing it;

Made in Drops cotton merino off white (01) and medium grey (18) and some precious discontinued Rowan wool cotton clear (941). I think they work really well together, and hopefully the new mum will agree too.

I started with a chain of 101 which gave me 7 repeats of 14 stitches plus 3 and used Attic 24’s neat ripple pattern. My blanket measures 69 x 59cm and weighs 300g. It took 2 balls each of off white and clear, and 3 balls of medium grey, as I used that for the border too.

Autumn leaves baby blanket ta-dah!

This has been an interesting project for me to make. It was commissioned by a friend and although it is definitely out of my colour comfort zone I have come to love it.

The request was for ‘woodland colours’ and we put this combination of golds, greens and browns together in gorgeous Rowan wools:

Made in Rowan super fine merino in mellow (168), bark (153) and grass (154); and Rowan wool cotton dk in leaf (997), bronze (967), elf (946) and still (964).

It took one ball each of the six ‘leaf’ colours, and 4 balls of the ‘mellow’ background. Made to the ‘Bertie baby blanket’ pattern, by Little Doolally, on a 5mm hook.

This is such lovely yarn that I have to say that every stitch was a pleasure. Let’s hope the new mum approves!

Twiddlemuff no. 4: how green was my valley

Based on the assumption that there are a significant number of male dementia patients I thought I would produce a twiddlemuff in a more masculine colourway.

Made in Rowan wool-cotton Moss grey, Deepest olive and Lichen, with Stylecraft Life 2420 (grey) as the background.

Surely a muff any man would be proud to use?

Present for a baby girl

A friend of mine has just had a new baby, and I am delighted to have found a good home for one of my favourite blankets:


It is made in a mitred squares pattern (which I borrowed from Sue at Crochet again) using Rowan wool cotton in antique, grand and frozen, and Rowan baby merino silk in rose and dawn, on a 4 mm hook.

My favourite and my best

What a pleasure it is to visit a yarn shop and come away, not just with a bag full of yarn, but also a head full of ideas of how to use it. We live in a fairly remote part of the world (there are 8 houses in our ‘village’, the nearest shop is 7 miles away and I rarely visit our nearest town, which is over an hour’s drive from us) and my opportunities to see, touch and smell (!) yarn are few and far between. So it was with some excitement last week that we ventured into a lovely yarn shop in Edinburgh, and came away with some new yarn. Here are the results:

The large jellyfish is made with Rowan pure wool superwash worsted in teal wash, and Rowan wool cotton dk in ship-shape, cypress, larkspur and celadon, on a 4.5mm hook. The smaller jellyfish is in SMC select extra soft merino colour in petrol marine, and Rowan wool cotton dk smalt also on a 4.5mm hook. The yarns were chosen for my son, who requested a jellyfish in deep colours. I think they are my best yet, and you will be pleased to know that he approves.

The joy of dots

Finally got round to making my ‘circles into squares’ panel into a rather lovely little cushion.


The idea for the circles came from Three Beans in a Pod’s lovely retro blanket
and the tutorial for turning the circles into squares is on Little Tin Bird’s blog

Mine is in Rowan wool cotton dk on a 4mm hook, and the colours are Tender, Celadon, Clear, Paper and Antique.
The back is in cream coloured calico from our lovely local craft emporium – Kiki’s craft corner

The paintbox blanket

So called because the coloured squares and cream borders remind me of a child’s paintbox


Made in Debbie Bliss Rialto 4 ply 100% wool, on a 4mm hook, using Mauve, Sea green, Pale blue and Silver. The other colours are from my friend’s stash collection (everyone needs a friend like this!) The border is Rowan wool-cotton 4 ply in Antique.
The idea for the blanket came from a French website called ‘knitted art’ (see below) and the chart for the squares is by Denise Plourde on Irishlace.net, although I modified the corners slightly. The border is a lovely triangle shape, from a tutorial by Moogly on Youtube.
Did I have fun? Yes!


Spot on

A bit of nonsense really but the colours appealed to me, and I like the circles into squares idea.


The idea for the circles came from Three Beans in a Pod’s lovely retro blanket
and the tutorial for turning the circles into squares is on Little Tin Bird’s blog

Mine is in Rowan wool cotton dk on a 4mm hook, and the colours are tender, celadon, clear, paper and antique.
Now is it to be a cushion? A stool cover?

Willow and her blanket

One of the very great pleasures of making baby blankets is that kind parents send lovely photos of their children adorned by the blanket they were given. Here is such a photo, and it warmed by heart to see it


The blanket is made in Rowan wool cotton DK on a 4mm hook, in Bilberry, Grand, Frozen, Clear and Antique. The baby is made from pure love.

Hexagon blanket

I have had such fun making this, and am delighted with the results – it has a sort of dated charm I think!


The hexagon idea originally came from Erica Knight’s book ‘Essential crochet’. I found a tutorial for making the half hexagons on the ‘Polka dot cottage’ website, then a video showing how to ‘join as you go’ on Youtube. I have never blocked my work before but this blanket really needed it to get all the shapes fitting together properly with a straight edge.
Made in Rowan wool cotton DK Larkspur, Ship-shape, Cypress, Celadon, Smalt, Paper, Clear, Bilberry, Grand, Frozen, Dream (discontinued) Mellow yellow (discontinued) Bronze (discontinued) and Oxblood. All on a 4mm hook.

Colour palette

I have been gradually building up a collection of granny square swatches


They are a mixture of Rowan wool-cotton (which I love) baby merino silk (ditto) and 4 ply (which I am experimenting with) I love the names too – Gypsy, Celadon, Paper, Tender, Rich. Who wouldn’t want to crochet with them?