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Warmer than summer

It is often the case that summer in the Highlands requires more in the way of warm and waterproof clothing than it does sun glasses or sunscreen.
Even so I am being a little premature in starting my hot water bottle production line just now:

Made in Scheepjeswol XL in linen stitch on a 6mm hook. The colours are: Blue apatite and Amazonite, Garnet and Corundum ruby, Deep amethyst and Lilac quartz, all with Pink quartzite.


Nip and Tuck

A couple of people recently have looked at my spiders and thought they were crabs. I am not quite sure why (Do you get black crabs?) but it has prompted me to have a go at making some:

It turns out that crabs have eight legs plus two pincers, so they were a bit more fiddly than the spiders, plus I had to strengthen the pincers with pipe cleaners. Made in scheepjeswol Xl in coral on a 6mm hook. I have called them ‘Nip’ and ‘Tuck’
Now will anyone mistake them for orange spiders?

Big and beautiful

I have been playing around with making some extra-large jellyfish, and this morning I had two volunteers to show them to you:
Made with Scheepjeswol XL blue apatite, amazonite and crystal quartz. Single stranded on a 6mm hook for the smaller jellyfish and double stranded on a 10mm hook for the larger one.

More cuddles

It is still pretty wintry here, and it seemed like a good time to try a different colour-way for my tweed effect hot water bottle cover.
Made in Scheepjeswol stonewashed XL in black onyx, smokey quartz and moonstone on a 6mm hook. One cover needs 1 ball of each colour. The stitch is my ‘three colour moss stitch’ but I have seen it called ‘linen stitch’ elsewhere. Pattern available on request.