Ready, steady, hook!

We don’t watch television, but I think there used to be a show where two cooks started off with various miscellaneous ingredients and had to make a dish out of them. Well this is my yarn equivalent:

I have 85g of Aran weight yarn from my mum’s yarn stash. It feels and smells (!) as if there is some wool content in it, but obviously there is no ball band so I can’t be sure. I am thinking maybe fingerless gloves (but will 85g be enough?) or part of a larger blanket (but I would need to buy 3/4 of the wool which seems to defeat the purpose somewhat). I wondered about felted bowls, but I would need to test a bit to see if it does felt first. So now I am throwing it open to the crowd – what would you make with it?

Crocodile stitch fingerless gloves

You may remember that a while ago I bought some crocodile stitch fingerless gloves made by Skye Cottage Crochet (see here )

There seem to be several versions of the crocodile stitch out there and I used this tutorial by the Twisted yarn and this Bonita patterns blog to help.

Mine are made in King Cole Riot dk ‘Rainbow’ on a 4.5mm hook starting off with a chain of 38 which gave me 6 scales for the cuff. The hand part of the glove was done in half trebles, and I added a couple of rows to make a thumb at the end.

The scales are not as crisp as the Skye Cottage version, but I am pleased with the gloves overall, and it is nice to have practised this lovely stitch and made something useful. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Some of you will remember the beginnings of my sock adventures here, and my rather slow progress on the journey to the heel here.
Well I am delighted to say that I have finally reached the ankle of not one, but two socks:

I would be lying if I said that I had found it easy, and I would ask you not to look too closely as there are certainly one or two bits that are less than perfect. Overall though I feel a real sense of achievement, and not a little relief that my perseverance has finally paid off.

My first twiddlemuff

You may already have heard of twiddlemuffs, but for the uninitiated these are tubular double thickness hand muffs with tactile objects attached inside and out. They are designed to provide stimulation activity for patients suffering from dementia, and patients in post-operative recovery. There are several organisations looking for charitable donations of these muffs and the pattern I used was based on one from knit for peace.


Obviously I crocheted mine rather than knitting it (!) which meant that I could make it in the round, so it is essentially a tube about 17cm in diameter and 54cm long. The two raw edges are then joined to each other giving a 17 x 27cm muff, which you then decorate. Because all the ends are on the inside of the double thickness there is no need to sew them in, and it is a great way to use up oddments of yarn.


It is not a thing of beauty (ask my husband!) but I think it fulfils a need, and I had fun making it. I used an 8mm hook and two strands of double knitting yarn for the muff, and made it in half treble crochet. It weighs 180g, so that’s quite a bit of stash used up.