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Playing by the sea

I have now made three preemie octopuses so we decided to take them for a play by the sea:

As you can probably tell, great fun was had by all!


Preemie octopus

There has been a little flurry of interest in the news recently about providing premature babies with octopus-like comforters. I found a free pattern for one by Deniza’s toys here and set to:

The pattern is really easy to follow (though naturally I did modify it a bit!) and gives you a 25cm long octopus working with double knitting yarn.
If I did it again I might use treble crochet to make the spirals more substantial, but the double crochet ones are in proportion with the body size so that would need some thinking through.
Made in Sirdar snuggly pearls dk turquoise and Hayfield baby sparkle dk little mermaid on a 4mm hook.

Feeling nippy?

Not a reference to the weather (which is wonderfully warm for this time of year in Scotland) but to my latest crochet project – which is a lobster:


The pattern is from ‘Crochet one skein wonders’ by Judith Durant and Edie Eckman, a book which I feel sure will be the inspiration for several projects to come. I did modify the pattern slightly – by putting pipe cleaners in his claws, and making the tail rather longer than was suggested, but overall it was an easy pattern to follow and very satisfying to make. He is made in Scheepjeswol stonewashed 4 ply ‘Carnelian’ on a 3mm hook (I think!) and he is really rather lovely.

A trip to the seaside

I have been playing around with making some more crabs recently, and took them on a trip to the seaside to take some photo’s!


Made in Scheejeswol XL ‘Carnelian’ on a 6mm hook. The jury is out as to whether I prefer the red, or the more natural coral colour (see here), but I thought the red would appeal to children.


What do you think?