Vicarno’s hoodie

Those of you who saw my blog yesterday might have guessed that the open rectangle of crochet was the beginning of a cardigan. It is a pattern by ‘Vicarno’s mama’ for a colourful baby vest, and it is free on Ravelry

Vicarno's mama pic

The pattern itself is a delight – very cleverly thought out with simple but effective styling. You start at the neck and work down making the increases for the little raglan sleeves as you go. It is made in half treble crochet, by stitching into the space between two stitches, and so has no right and wrong side to the fabric. The original pattern changes colour every row, but I used one row each of three different colours which gives the overall effect of stripes with hardly any ends to sew in.

As the name suggests the original pattern is for a short-sleeved vest but I got a bit carried away and decided to see if I could turn it into a long-sleeved hoodie. Here’s how I am getting on so far:


Not as colourful as the original but still quite cute!
Now I just have to keep my wits about me to manage doing the sleeves in stripes in the round, decreasing as I go!

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